Whether your plans to work from home are derailed now?

Struggling on net

I tried my hand with net (i am married) for a living. It is really possible to make a living out of net but.... this is a long but..

if your answers to all the questions below are yes then surely you can make living from the Internet work.
  1. Are you ready to work more than 8 hrs a day.(those programs who promises you need to work 1-2 hrs a day for a big income, are all scams and they are there to make money from you.)
  2. Are you disciplined enough (don't join 100's of websites for nothing substantial just concentrate enough for good work which you enjoy the best.)
  3. dedication to the work hours- if you leave your work half done when you are full time employee, will you get credit for that? (forget about credit, whether you will be kept employed or not is a big question) similarly when you are working at home you need to dedicate to the project you have taken.
I could make a big list out of this but it won't make much sense.just want to keep it short and sweet.
here i am giving some of the good legitimate freelance sites where you can join.
Get a Freelancer
This is basically good site for freelancers other than US, UK, Canada as projects offered here are low cost.Very good site for Indians as well as SEA countries.Free to join can bid 15 projects in a month with free standard registration.You can upgrade to gold members with $ 12 per month fixed charge,where you can bid for 150 projects without any extra cost.
Good site, but it will be hard on pocket for those who are starting new to the freelancing as there free membership only offers 3 connects.Paid membership cost you $ 20 or a month where you are able to put 40 proposals per month.
I will also suggest some of the forums where they pay you for your contribution (valid contribution no spam)
this is one of the good paying forum where you can ask about the specific queries related to Mortgage.Minimum payout is $ 10 and can easily be achieved.
i will be updating on other forums and sites in coming future over here.till then take care.......
This is one of the new entrant.All the tasks are very simple but as far as compensation is concerned it is very small.but I will still recommend that if you are planning to get pay pal cash and want to get $ 9 cash out then then this is the simple website.
One of the rival of mturk amazon.Amazon pays by check and takes lot more time (almost 6 weeks ) to get the cheque in hand whereas Microworkers pays within 15 days.Minimum payout is $9, but it is advisable that one should withdraw $11 so that one will be able to withdraw cash from paypal to bank account.(Min. amount which can be withdrawn from Pay pal to bank is $ 10 ).