Earn Money Reading and Rating Articles

Reading and rating articles is not an unfamiliar thing to Triond writers.  Recently, I came across another website that pays for rating articles.   Read the article and then rate it and you earn. This is possible through Readbud.
Through this site you may have to rate articles based on the topics selected through the ”Interest section”. There are about 343 topics under the section and  a new member can select 50 topics based on interest. Then articles appear based on the choice made and every article rated helps you earn. The amount you earn for rating every article varies based on the topic. A health article might help you earn 4 cents while articles on internet marketing  pays roughly 7 cents. The interest topic can be changed only once very 24 hours. By checking the  Articles Tab after logging in to the Readbud, the articles  for rating  appears one after another. After rating one article, the window must be closed to rate another article.
Earning by making referrals is also possible through Readbud. Every referral can help you earn 5$. So if you happen to refer 50 friends, You earn 250$ just through your referrals. The Affiliate Program  at Readbud also  helps you earn 5$ and bloggers and webmasters and take advantage of this program.
The number of articles you rate, the earnings made each day and the total earnings are displayed on the top of the web page and it gets updated after rating every article.  Request for payment can be made through Paypal once 50$ limit is reached.
Reading and rating  articles,  is a great way to learn many new things. You can learn the style of presentation, gain more vocabulary, learn tips for writing new articles and gain ideas to generate new articles of your own.  Above all, you gain wealth of information on several topics including topics that you would like to learn about.
Read and rate articles and soon you may fall in love with Readbud!