Making Money Using Affiliate Programs

Is it really possible to make money using Affiliate Programs..?
The answer is 'YES'. Many super affiliates are benefiting from Amazon and reputable affiliate programs link Commission Junction. Nowadays, there are several affiliate networks which are seeking new affiliates to join their network and promote their affiliate offers. Affiliate networks usually pay affiliates upon sale/lead or click. There is minimum threshold set by network, when affiliates makes more money than the minimum payout He/She receives their approved commission weekly/bi-weekly or monthly.
Mainly there are 3 types of affiliate programs. Pay per sale, Pay per lead and Pay per click. Among them Pay per lead is very popular and affiliates always like to promote lead generating offers.  There are several pay per lead offers which pay good amount to user. When someone complete the task or action then usually the lead is generated or tracked by the affiliate network. There are several categories among them lead offers are always found. Dating, Education, Gaming offers are known as Pay per lead offers.
In Pay per sale offers, affiliates usually get paid per sale. When sale is occur network track the sale and give commission to affiliate. Pay per click is the business module where affiliate get paid to send traffic to the affiliate offer. And he/she get paid per click.