Get Paid to Write Sites

There are many website that pay for your writing skills. Hubpages is one of them. If you are looking to work from home or just need earn an extra income, then writing articles is a fun way to make a little money.

But hey, I am not a writer I hear you say… well I’ll let you in on a secret. Neither am I. To earn money from writing online articles you do not have to be particularly talented (however it is a BIG advantage if you are). My hub Make Money writing online is a good place to look if you want a few pointers about writing online, you can access it by clicking here.
What can I write about? Well most of these sites let you write about pretty much anything. That is where the fun part comes in - depending on the site, you can write about your favourite hobby or your daily commute to work (yes you really can!). Other sites will let you submit poems and recipes.
What's the catch I hear you ask? Well in exchange for allowing you to use their websites to publish your articles they take a cut of the revenue that you generate. Sometimes this can be as high as 90% or as low as 40%, sometimes less but so far 90% is the highest I have seen. actually give you 100% so it might be worth checking them out.

Below is a list of websites where you can display your writing skills and make some cash in the process. There is nothing stopping you signing up to a couple an trying your luck.
You can write about almost anything and place ads from Google Adsense, Amazon, Ebay and Kontera. Hubpages takes 40% of the revenue generated from your page, you get the rest. A great place to start your online writing career. Most of my "blogging income" comes from here.
Get paid 100% of your ad revenue generated by your content. This site has yet to take off in popularity terms but that 100% is a great rate if you can get traffic.

More for amateur journalists. You can write about social issues and get paid per article, minimum is $50 but the article has to be quality.
Write about anything pretty much. They take 50% of revenue generated by Adsense.
Similar to hubpages, we have hubs they have lenses, but they take 50% of the ad revenue. Popular members can get bonuses.

Write about anything you like, and get paid depending on the popularity of your page.

Write HowTo articles and get paid based upon their popularity.
Get paid upto $20 per article
Get paid for writing guides and reviews and summaries. Shvoong distributes 10% of its advertising revenue amongst its writers. Once your account reaches $10, you get paid.
Write about babies and being pregnant and get paid.
Get writing projects. For serious writers.
Write reviews and get paid income from Amazon sales (only if people buy stuff using your links)
Write reviews about anything and get paid between $0.40 and $2.50. Payment is by Paypal only and you need to get to $50 before you can claim payment. I've never had a review rejected by ReviewStream, but please read the comments section below - gramarye & hubber4you have both given feedback that new members are having their reviews rejected immediatley. If anyone can elaborate on the situation, please post a comment.
Get paid for writing articles each month, prices starting at around $20. But you have to write 20 articles a month to get paid.
Get paid for writing about anything - you need to reach $25 before payment and you need to have a Paypal account.
Get paid for asking and answering questions.
Win upto $100 dollar a day if your tip is selected as the best tip.  I have not used this site myself, but I have had some bad feedback about it.  Do your research about this (and all these sites) before signing up.

Remember, you do not need to be a skilled writer to join these sites. However, the better you are at writing and promoting your articles the more successful you will be. Don't copy other people's work. It's not nice and it could result in you getting banned - that's not a clever way to make money online.
If you struggle to make money after writing a few articles, don't give up. Most of these sites will keep paying (if your articles generate income) until you delete your account or they close down so you could possibly have an income for life. In fact Simplestuff has written an excellent hub for those of you who may be losing heart, you can read it here.

Whether your plans to work from home are derailed now?

Struggling on net

I tried my hand with net (i am married) for a living. It is really possible to make a living out of net but.... this is a long but..

if your answers to all the questions below are yes then surely you can make living from the Internet work.
  1. Are you ready to work more than 8 hrs a day.(those programs who promises you need to work 1-2 hrs a day for a big income, are all scams and they are there to make money from you.)
  2. Are you disciplined enough (don't join 100's of websites for nothing substantial just concentrate enough for good work which you enjoy the best.)
  3. dedication to the work hours- if you leave your work half done when you are full time employee, will you get credit for that? (forget about credit, whether you will be kept employed or not is a big question) similarly when you are working at home you need to dedicate to the project you have taken.
I could make a big list out of this but it won't make much sense.just want to keep it short and sweet.
here i am giving some of the good legitimate freelance sites where you can join.
Get a Freelancer
This is basically good site for freelancers other than US, UK, Canada as projects offered here are low cost.Very good site for Indians as well as SEA countries.Free to join can bid 15 projects in a month with free standard registration.You can upgrade to gold members with $ 12 per month fixed charge,where you can bid for 150 projects without any extra cost.
Good site, but it will be hard on pocket for those who are starting new to the freelancing as there free membership only offers 3 connects.Paid membership cost you $ 20 or a month where you are able to put 40 proposals per month.
I will also suggest some of the forums where they pay you for your contribution (valid contribution no spam)
this is one of the good paying forum where you can ask about the specific queries related to Mortgage.Minimum payout is $ 10 and can easily be achieved.
i will be updating on other forums and sites in coming future over here.till then take care.......
This is one of the new entrant.All the tasks are very simple but as far as compensation is concerned it is very small.but I will still recommend that if you are planning to get pay pal cash and want to get $ 9 cash out then then this is the simple website.
One of the rival of mturk amazon.Amazon pays by check and takes lot more time (almost 6 weeks ) to get the cheque in hand whereas Microworkers pays within 15 days.Minimum payout is $9, but it is advisable that one should withdraw $11 so that one will be able to withdraw cash from paypal to bank account.(Min. amount which can be withdrawn from Pay pal to bank is $ 10 ).

ShortTask | Make Money Online In a Fun Way, Performing Simple Task

I came to know about a new make money online opportunity (like mTurk) named ShortTask.

Doing simple task, like - commenting on blogs, bookmarking a site, or replying a forum post etc you can make money. You can earn anywhere between $0.05 to $5 (according to my research) for performing these simple tasks.

You will get paid through PayPal as soon your income reach to $10.

Most of the time they have huge number of tasks available for you, so if you have some time to indulge in fun work, where you can get paid as well, you can join them.

Make Money Online Sharing Links

Here are some of the websites that pays you to share links through blog, forum, mail posting etc.

How does it work?

First of all you have to register on any of those companies(listed above) and then at the dashboard you have to shorten the long url(which you want to share) through their service. now start posting those short url in forums, blog, mail etc. When the visitor(or receiver) click lon those links, you make money from a redirect that can be an interstitial, pop up or top frame type advertisement.

It is one of the easiest form of make money online.

Make Money Online through Social Networking Website

I got some of the social networking website(as listed below) that pays you to do what yo do at social networking website regularly, like - make friends, chat with them, play games etc.


Before joining, read about them carefully  

How To Call Your Friends From THeir Own Cell Number

Hello today I am sharing With you a extremely Nice Prank i.e "How To Call Your Friends From THeir Own Cell Number".

1. Go to
and register there for free account.

2. During registration, remember to insert Victim mobile number in "Phone number" field as shown below.

3. Complete registration and confirm your email id and then login to your account. Click on "Direct Web Call".

4. You will arrive at page shown below. In "Enter a number" box, select your country and also any mobile number(you can enter yours). Now, simply hit on "Call Now" button to call your friend with his own number.

5. That's it. Your friend will be shocked to see his own number calling him.

Earn Money Reading and Rating Articles

Reading and rating articles is not an unfamiliar thing to Triond writers.  Recently, I came across another website that pays for rating articles.   Read the article and then rate it and you earn. This is possible through Readbud.
Through this site you may have to rate articles based on the topics selected through the ”Interest section”. There are about 343 topics under the section and  a new member can select 50 topics based on interest. Then articles appear based on the choice made and every article rated helps you earn. The amount you earn for rating every article varies based on the topic. A health article might help you earn 4 cents while articles on internet marketing  pays roughly 7 cents. The interest topic can be changed only once very 24 hours. By checking the  Articles Tab after logging in to the Readbud, the articles  for rating  appears one after another. After rating one article, the window must be closed to rate another article.
Earning by making referrals is also possible through Readbud. Every referral can help you earn 5$. So if you happen to refer 50 friends, You earn 250$ just through your referrals. The Affiliate Program  at Readbud also  helps you earn 5$ and bloggers and webmasters and take advantage of this program.
The number of articles you rate, the earnings made each day and the total earnings are displayed on the top of the web page and it gets updated after rating every article.  Request for payment can be made through Paypal once 50$ limit is reached.
Reading and rating  articles,  is a great way to learn many new things. You can learn the style of presentation, gain more vocabulary, learn tips for writing new articles and gain ideas to generate new articles of your own.  Above all, you gain wealth of information on several topics including topics that you would like to learn about.
Read and rate articles and soon you may fall in love with Readbud!

Adsense Tips to Increase your monthly earning

Here are AdSense tips you can follow and you can increase your monthly online earnings from AdSense.
1.How To Increase Visitor: First of all to increase your adsense earnings you must have to increase your visitor and traffic. To increase visitor you must post good quality content and try to update your website or blog always. Write good content, so that visitor come to your website always. Never copy from another blogs, write in your own wordings. Try to do both on page and off page optimization of your website.
 2. Ad Blocks – Use a 336 x 280 or 250 x 250 ad block – Use this AdSense ad block above the fold as this is an area of prime real estate on your website where the lions share of the money is to be found.
3. Post relevant and trend based articles with proper details. (For example Admissions details, Results, Job Opportunities, new technologies launched, new devices, etc). Read news papers and magazines regularly for getting new trends and new Technologies with proper and detailed information.
 4.Use proper page titles and Page headers. It may bring high traffics to your web page.
5.Write page Titles and contents of your article with correct spelling. Make your article beautiful and readable one by proper English words, use first letter as capital, proper words and line spacings, don't use all letters or words as capital, etc. It may increase you ranking and Search engine sorts your page and brings in top order.
6.Try to avoid HTML Tags, use basic HTML tags only if it required.
7.Includes high priced keywords and Tags in your Page titles and contents. It may increase your per-Clicks and Adsense Revenues.
8.Highlight high priced key words and important keywords using basic HTML Tags.
9.Try to use high priced keywords and most popular keywords in your web page URL. Search engine can easily find out your site by using proper URLs and it increases your Adsense Revenue Earnings.
10.Try to includes high value keywords meaningfully and repeats many times with proper meanings may increase your Adsense Revenue Earnings.
11. Unique Content – Fill your site with unique hand written content so that it ranks better in the search engines resulting in more traffic to your website and more dollars per month as a result of those visitors from organic listings.
VCommission international affiliate network (Affiliate Programs Best For India) aims to deliver quality traffic for performance based advertising worldwide through continuous effort of driving quality traffic and maintaining a cost-effective marketing program. Every advertising campaign at vCommission is a custom tailored solution to deliver quality and performance. vCommission is an international affiliate network with some world-wide exclusive offers which offers real-time tracking and reliable reporting for publishers. vCommission also offer NET 30 Paypal payments for affiliates.
vCommission was started in 2008 by an Indian Internet Entrepreneur. So far (June, 2010) vCommission has over 3500 international registered publishers and over 500 offers. vCommission growing exponentially because at vCommission, we believe in performance based advertising. vCommission generates quality traffic through their network with most cost-effective marketing programs.

Earn $5 Per Referral

I have seen many guys like to promote affiliate program or referral program which pay $1-2 per referral. I have just found one interesting affiliate network which has it’s own referral program and paying $5 per referral. Leadcola is decent affiliate network with some high class affiliate offers. Leadcola is paying their affiliate bi-weekly on time. They have new look and new tracking software which looks very good.
Currently Leadola is conducting reward program and they are ready to pay you $1000 when you makes $3000 within a month. So, It’s a nice opportunity to super affiliates to make some extra income which promoting top converting offers. Leadcoal has more than 300 live offers with real-time tracking. Some of those are really good and you will also see some international offer with higher payout.
So, Why are you waiting?
Give them a start and make $5 per referral with $1000 bonus. Join Leadcola Now.

Making Money Using Affiliate Programs

Is it really possible to make money using Affiliate Programs..?
The answer is 'YES'. Many super affiliates are benefiting from Amazon and reputable affiliate programs link Commission Junction. Nowadays, there are several affiliate networks which are seeking new affiliates to join their network and promote their affiliate offers. Affiliate networks usually pay affiliates upon sale/lead or click. There is minimum threshold set by network, when affiliates makes more money than the minimum payout He/She receives their approved commission weekly/bi-weekly or monthly.
Mainly there are 3 types of affiliate programs. Pay per sale, Pay per lead and Pay per click. Among them Pay per lead is very popular and affiliates always like to promote lead generating offers.  There are several pay per lead offers which pay good amount to user. When someone complete the task or action then usually the lead is generated or tracked by the affiliate network. There are several categories among them lead offers are always found. Dating, Education, Gaming offers are known as Pay per lead offers.
In Pay per sale offers, affiliates usually get paid per sale. When sale is occur network track the sale and give commission to affiliate. Pay per click is the business module where affiliate get paid to send traffic to the affiliate offer. And he/she get paid per click.

Get Paid to Take Surveys Online

Have you ever heard about getting paid by taking online surveys...? Is it really possible...? Yeah, It's really possible to make money using online surveys. Taking online surveys can't make you rich but can pay your monthly bills or you can pocket extra money for you saturday night.
Online surveys are really popular among the bachelors and house wives to earn extra money in their free hours. So, How you get paid to take surveys online? There are several legitimate survey companies which ask consumer opinion for their product or services and there are always ready to members their commission. So, these companies are gathered under one banner or company which distribute online surveys to their members.
There are many companies which offer daily surveys to their members and members can get paid up to $10 per big survey. All you need is to complete those surveys properly with real information. Members receive their commission at the end of month or on payday.
Is it FREE to join? Always search for FREE to join survey panel. Because there are many scams nowadays and ask for money to give you information about the survey companies and advertisers. Don't pay such sites or person. There are many legitimate survey companies which are FREE to join and always pay their members on time.

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