Adsense Tips to Increase your monthly earning

Here are AdSense tips you can follow and you can increase your monthly online earnings from AdSense.
1.How To Increase Visitor: First of all to increase your adsense earnings you must have to increase your visitor and traffic. To increase visitor you must post good quality content and try to update your website or blog always. Write good content, so that visitor come to your website always. Never copy from another blogs, write in your own wordings. Try to do both on page and off page optimization of your website.
 2. Ad Blocks – Use a 336 x 280 or 250 x 250 ad block – Use this AdSense ad block above the fold as this is an area of prime real estate on your website where the lions share of the money is to be found.
3. Post relevant and trend based articles with proper details. (For example Admissions details, Results, Job Opportunities, new technologies launched, new devices, etc). Read news papers and magazines regularly for getting new trends and new Technologies with proper and detailed information.
 4.Use proper page titles and Page headers. It may bring high traffics to your web page.
5.Write page Titles and contents of your article with correct spelling. Make your article beautiful and readable one by proper English words, use first letter as capital, proper words and line spacings, don't use all letters or words as capital, etc. It may increase you ranking and Search engine sorts your page and brings in top order.
6.Try to avoid HTML Tags, use basic HTML tags only if it required.
7.Includes high priced keywords and Tags in your Page titles and contents. It may increase your per-Clicks and Adsense Revenues.
8.Highlight high priced key words and important keywords using basic HTML Tags.
9.Try to use high priced keywords and most popular keywords in your web page URL. Search engine can easily find out your site by using proper URLs and it increases your Adsense Revenue Earnings.
10.Try to includes high value keywords meaningfully and repeats many times with proper meanings may increase your Adsense Revenue Earnings.
11. Unique Content – Fill your site with unique hand written content so that it ranks better in the search engines resulting in more traffic to your website and more dollars per month as a result of those visitors from organic listings.