Get Paid to Write Sites

There are many website that pay for your writing skills. Hubpages is one of them. If you are looking to work from home or just need earn an extra income, then writing articles is a fun way to make a little money.

But hey, I am not a writer I hear you say… well I’ll let you in on a secret. Neither am I. To earn money from writing online articles you do not have to be particularly talented (however it is a BIG advantage if you are). My hub Make Money writing online is a good place to look if you want a few pointers about writing online, you can access it by clicking here.
What can I write about? Well most of these sites let you write about pretty much anything. That is where the fun part comes in - depending on the site, you can write about your favourite hobby or your daily commute to work (yes you really can!). Other sites will let you submit poems and recipes.
What's the catch I hear you ask? Well in exchange for allowing you to use their websites to publish your articles they take a cut of the revenue that you generate. Sometimes this can be as high as 90% or as low as 40%, sometimes less but so far 90% is the highest I have seen. actually give you 100% so it might be worth checking them out.

Below is a list of websites where you can display your writing skills and make some cash in the process. There is nothing stopping you signing up to a couple an trying your luck.
You can write about almost anything and place ads from Google Adsense, Amazon, Ebay and Kontera. Hubpages takes 40% of the revenue generated from your page, you get the rest. A great place to start your online writing career. Most of my "blogging income" comes from here.
Get paid 100% of your ad revenue generated by your content. This site has yet to take off in popularity terms but that 100% is a great rate if you can get traffic.

More for amateur journalists. You can write about social issues and get paid per article, minimum is $50 but the article has to be quality.
Write about anything pretty much. They take 50% of revenue generated by Adsense.
Similar to hubpages, we have hubs they have lenses, but they take 50% of the ad revenue. Popular members can get bonuses.

Write about anything you like, and get paid depending on the popularity of your page.

Write HowTo articles and get paid based upon their popularity.
Get paid upto $20 per article
Get paid for writing guides and reviews and summaries. Shvoong distributes 10% of its advertising revenue amongst its writers. Once your account reaches $10, you get paid.
Write about babies and being pregnant and get paid.
Get writing projects. For serious writers.
Write reviews and get paid income from Amazon sales (only if people buy stuff using your links)
Write reviews about anything and get paid between $0.40 and $2.50. Payment is by Paypal only and you need to get to $50 before you can claim payment. I've never had a review rejected by ReviewStream, but please read the comments section below - gramarye & hubber4you have both given feedback that new members are having their reviews rejected immediatley. If anyone can elaborate on the situation, please post a comment.
Get paid for writing articles each month, prices starting at around $20. But you have to write 20 articles a month to get paid.
Get paid for writing about anything - you need to reach $25 before payment and you need to have a Paypal account.
Get paid for asking and answering questions.
Win upto $100 dollar a day if your tip is selected as the best tip.  I have not used this site myself, but I have had some bad feedback about it.  Do your research about this (and all these sites) before signing up.

Remember, you do not need to be a skilled writer to join these sites. However, the better you are at writing and promoting your articles the more successful you will be. Don't copy other people's work. It's not nice and it could result in you getting banned - that's not a clever way to make money online.
If you struggle to make money after writing a few articles, don't give up. Most of these sites will keep paying (if your articles generate income) until you delete your account or they close down so you could possibly have an income for life. In fact Simplestuff has written an excellent hub for those of you who may be losing heart, you can read it here.